Quick Testing

The purpose of the free testing service is to allow developers quickly connect to the Spartan Network and test deploying and executing some simple smart contracts to understand how Spartan Network works. The developers can receive 3 US dollars’ worth of gas credits for the first time, then 1 US dollar’s worth of gas credits each day for five more days. Gas Credits are consumed after executing transactions on the Non-Cryptocurrency Public Chains on the BSN Spartan Network and cannot be transferred between wallets.
Please remember that the free testing service is for trials only. If you want to use BSN Spartan Network for production or official development, it is recommended to either set up a Data Center or Access Spartan Network without installing a Data Center.
Please note that after the free Gas Credit Service, this wallet has been logically bound to the BSN-Installed Data Center and cannot accept Gas Credit top-ups from other data centers.To continue using the same wallets for production after the trials, please move to “Access Spartan Network via BSN-Installed Data Center” Service.

Getting Started

1. Create a Wallet Address

Spartan-I Chain, or NC-Ethereum, uses the secp256k1 algorithm to generate wallet addresses. Developers can generate the address by themselves. In this demo we use MetaMask to create the wallet address.

Open Google Chrome browser, download MetaMask extension at https://metamask.io/download/ and create an account for free.    ...Read more

2. Get Free Gas Credit

Any Wallet in the Non-Cryptocurrency Public Chains must consume Gas Credit to execute a transaction.

After creating an account in MetaMask, please access http://www.spartan.bsn.foundation/main/quick-testing page to apply for free testing service.    ...Read more

3. Access Spartan-I Chain

Click on the MetaMask icon, expand the network list and click “Add Network“ button.    ...Read more

4. Deploy ERC-721 Contract

For a clear and simple demonstration, here we take Openzeppelin ERC-721 Contract as an example and use Remix online IDE to compile and deploy the contract.

4.1 Find the Contract4.2 Deploy the Contract    ...Read more

5. Call the Contract

Now, we can call the smart contract to make a transaction.

Click on > icon in the Deployed Contract area and expand all functions defined in the contract.

5.1 Get Information from the Contract5.2 Mint an NFT    ...Read more

6. Check Transactions

If you have added the explorer in MetaMask, you can click and jump to Spartan-I Chain explorer at https://spartanone.bsn.foundation/ and check the detailed information of this address.    ...Read more

Development Documentation

Spartan-I Chain
(Powered by NC Ethereum)
  • Ethereum Development Documentation
  • Solidity Lang
  • Web3j Document
  • Web3.js Document
Spartan-II Chain
(Powered by NC Cosmos)
  • API Introduction
  • CLI Client Commands
  • Solidity Lang
  • Web3j Document
  • Spartan-II Chain GoLang SDK
Spartan-III Chain
(Powered by NC PolygonEdge)
  • Polygon Edge API
  • How to Use Smart Contracts
  • Solidity Lang
  • Web3j Document
  • Web3.js Document

Tutorial Videos

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